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Here is a place for you to find candle reviews, as well as tart or melt reviews. I have benefitted in the past from reading about a candle before a purchase and been much happier than just buying on a guess. in fact, to the degree that much money could have been saved, and disappointment averted.

So I am sharing reviews of my own candles that I have burned, or wax melts that I have melted. You will find information about each of the candles and other things like my experience in burning it. I will share my overal review and be honest in recommendations. My hope is to share with candle lovers out there, hear your feedack, and maybe help in a purchase or in avoiding one. I do not get paid by any candle company in doing this, whatsoever.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and feel free to look around at my various candle reviews. Each hub article here will most likely include reviews for several candles.

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