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When I first came to HubPages, I pondered ‘What do I have to talk about?’ The answer is a lot! I cry hard, laugh harder and love hardest! That’s the way I am; whatever I do say, I usually say it screaming because I want people to hear me.

I do have concerns about this planet we live on and how we function here. I mean it when I say ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ We don’t have to love each other, but can’t we at least have a mutual respect and appreciation? For the record, I love everyone and I’ll let you know it!

Some of the things I write about are important, in my opinion. Other times, I’m just trying to laugh at myself and hope to make other people laugh in the process; laughter is so good for the mind and soul. When the day the wrinkles set in, do you want yours to be smile wrinkles or frown wrinkles?

‘Everything happens for a ‘reason’ and that’s how I get through my days, mostly the bad ones. We don’t stop and ask why good things are happening to use, but we always try to find reasoning for the bad things. The bad things are just necessary milestones on the way to good things and it could always be worse. We also tend to appreciate the good a little more, when there’s been some bad along the way.

I do not believe in bubbles and I don’t have one myself, but I do respect yours. What you see is what you get and I don’t have much for sensors; I’m kind of the ‘tell all’ kind of person when it comes to me. The people here make my days, so please feel free to be one of those people and come on over anytime !

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I don't want a bio that makes me feel like I'm listing accomplishments, I'd just assume make fun of myself! Aside from two awesome kids, I am proud to be a volunteer firefighter and EMT, which I've been doing for almost 15 years and I hold the rank of Captain. I would love to encourage anyone to do the same, as it's a great way to give and it's equally rewarding.

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