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The REAL Lesbian Blogger...

I just turned 42 years old, though everyone tells me I look about 25. I feel about 17 most days.

Things that I enjoy include history (all ancient history, particularly Middle Eastern) and archaeology as well as reading, working out (running, boxing, playing sports whenever I can) and spending time with my girlfriend.

So yes, I am a lesbian.

I grew up in Augusta, GA because my dad was stationed here in the Army at Ft. Gordon, though I was born in England. I have lived in Atlanta and N. GA. for years but I find myself back in Augusta now after all this time because my girlfriend is in the military, also stationed at Ft. Gordon.

If you find that I am guarded or evasive about certain things (not posting a profile pic, for example), you will forgive me as candor is a luxury one can ill afford when you are gay and in the military. I intend to write about this and many other topics here, but I do not want to put my GF's career in any jeopardy...so please understand.

I love to drink (wine) and have fun. I'm very easy to get along with if I like you. Intelligent, witty people are another of my favorite things...perhaps because they seem to be so few and far between.

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