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A life-long resident of the Pacific Northwest, Carb Diva has been creating fun and easy recipes since 1985. Her recipes have appeared in "Sunset," "Cooking Light" and "Better Homes and Gardens" and she has won cooking awards sponsored by "Progresso Soups" and "Sutter Home Wines".

If you enjoy these recipes, you might like my new book "Past and Present: History of the Foods We Eat." It's available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

She worked for the federal government for 30 years as a budget analyst and is now retired and living in the Puget Sound area.

"I have a philosphy about food--food is not just something we eat to keep body and soul together. Food should be a pleasure, an experience, something that leaves a memory.

"People have asked if this hubpage focusses on low-carb recipes. Heavens no! Not only do we LOVE carbs, we embrace them. We greet them with open arms. We run in slow motion across a field of daisies toward them! I hope you enjoy my original recipes.

"Lest you think CarbDiva is only about the food--I also love to travel, I quilt, create banners for my church, I garden, and in a perfect world would be a crazy cat lady. (I love my kitties!). And, I am a Christian. My faith is not simply something that I do for an hour on Sunday, but is a part of me. I would like to think that the love of my Savior shines through in my words, actions, and deeds."

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      • Niche sites

        Niche sites

        14 months ago

        I am wondering if HP has any plans to branch out into publication (either print or e-book) for any of their niche sites. Allrecipes.com has a number of publications on Amazon and they also produce a periodical.

      • Niche sites and HP templates

        Niche sites and HP templates

        14 months ago

        It is apparent that postings in niche sites are encouraged (required) to be formatted for vertical display. This is not important for those who read from a computer or laptop, but more and more online users are...

      • Negative feedback from visitor

        Negative feedback from visitor

        2 years ago

        Today I received a very hateful, spiteful message on one of my hubs from a visitor named "Local Yokel". Just wondering if anyone else has heard from this individual. I have a pretty thick skin, but this one...

      • Print Recipes Capsule

        Print Recipes Capsule

        2 years ago

        Most of my hubs are recipes. I strive with each hub to create a rich environment with a story; detailed lists of ingredients, instructions, equipment and supplies needed; suggested variations; lots of photos; and the...

      • Ingredients capsule

        Ingredients capsule

        3 years ago

        It would be helpful to be able to insert a new line or lines within a list of ingredients. As you know a well-written recipe lists the ingredients in the order in which they are used. If you forget one, you have to...

      • Hub hopping reviews

        Hub hopping reviews

        4 years ago

        I wish that when evaluating a hub there could also be a space for providing a paragraph (or so) as a summary to the author to speak of specific problems, issues, places to improve--or focusing on the things that were...

      • Hub traffic

        Hub traffic

        4 years ago

        What is going on? One week ago I received notification from HubPages that several of my hubs would no longer be featured because of declining traffic. I suppose this means that I should jump in and recast, reformat, and...