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Hi! I'm Margaret Hampton a/k/a "Caregiver-007," here to offer a dose of hope, help, love and beauty with you on multiple fronts... such as Mothers Day, Flowers with rich symbolism of love, hope and joy...my special heart for the family Caregiver borne of firsthand experience as caregiver for both father and mother...hence, the topics of my first hubs. Check them out and let me know what you think:

"What Is Caregiver Burnout, And What Can I Do About It?" - If you or a friend or loved one is a family caregiver, you NEED the information and compassionate support you get here! Other commenters need your shared experiences and insights, too, so please feel free to comment, share, advise.

"Mothers Day Flowers In Florida" - This sensitive but informative piece about flowers, their meanings and colors, is for me a tribute to my wonderful mother... my "flower girl," a National Flower Show Judge and wonderful homemaker... and the love she shared for flowers with all their beauty and rich meaning.

I also love weddings, the happy times! So I was delighted to help create this profile on Hubpages - "Wendys-Weddings"- with information for planning a beach wedding. It starts with a helpful hub, "Unique Beach Wedding Ideas For A Romantic Beach Wedding." We all need times to focus on love and beauty. It's restoring, something you might need, too.

About me? I'm a former corporate executive, mother, widow, caregiver for elderly and infirm parents, delivered by the hand of God! I've lived in the biggest cities and retreated to small enclaves. Been on top of the world, and been crushed. I've seen and experienced a LOT!

Now a passionate speaker, business and direct marketing consultant, integrating online-offline-social-mobile strategies for local and multi-market entities alike, author and health coach, I also have an outreach to widowed-neglected-battered-abused-hurting women and mothers. I am working with the best coaches, using the internet and social media as the primary medium for delivery of my messages - for both income and outreach to others.

I have hurt a lot and overcome a lot, and I want to help others avoid pain and get through pain with HOPE. For they are not alone. And sometimes there are tools and tips that will help. There must be some purpose for all I've been through, if only to help another!

And by the way - After Noah's flood, man's days were numbered at 120. Long ago I said that meant I wouldn't start the second half of my life unitl I reached 60 - and then I was going to DO IT RIGHT based upon what I learned in the first half... That's still my story, and I'm sticking to it!

* * * * * * *
My current endeavors include training as health coach and active sharing of the "21st Century Medicine Cabinet" of HealthBoss.org self-healing equipment... seeking "Star Trek Generation Health Re-Generation" in close proximity with Dr. Irina Kossovskaia. Their equipment, working quickly at the cellular level, literally saved my life in cardiac crisis the weekend after Mama died! And now I've met others for whom it's done the same, and those for whom inflammation has shrunk (rated best in trials for osteo-arthritis and carpel tunnel), pain reduced, MS reversed, athletic injuries treated better than before (and painlessly), and even migraines eliminated completely. I'm a devotee!

2011 update - Their equipment saved my ARM after a freak accident that resulted in 3 surgeries and 13 months of rehab ... with questionable survival of my hand, destroyed elbow (radial head demolished), bone injury and severely shredded rotator cuff, etc. such that my orthopedic surgeon said I had "ripped, torn, severely strained or otherwise severely damaged every single ligament, tendon, nerve and muscle from the tip of my fingers to my shoulder." ... I "should" have a gimp arm at best, but... my God had led me to the HealthBoss equipment. Six months after rehab ended on a follow-up visit my surgeon exclaimed: "I don't know how, but you've escaped 95% of the long term disability you should have!" ... See why I love this equipment???

There's much more at the doctors' main website - HealthBoss.org (code MH1034) or an earlier site- Transformational Health - Health Care By Self Care - "The 21st Century Medicine Cabinet" -with overviews of equipment, videos, photo testimonials, studies, and more fascinating information for a "brave new world" to turn our de-generation into re-generation... Something Caregivers need - and everyone else, too!

A great free resource that might save our lives is the painless, fast test Dr. Irina demonstrates on short video to measure your overall health (deadly serious!), together with free 20-page PDF explaining what that's about Breathing for Health Regeneration.

You can find the equipment that saved my life featured on the doctors' site - a special draft page I did for them summarizing it all: Zap Migraine Pain (Caregivers are no strangers to migraines!)

I am here to help Family Caregivers and, in turn, the loved ones for whom they care. Here's a sample of what I am doing for the Caregiver in addition to Hub (Squidoo identity "Home-healthcare" - has lots more than this):

In Home Healthcare - Home Care Solutions for the Caregiver

HomeHealthCareBooks.com - The Best Home Healthcare Ever

The Caregiver - Caregiver Support To Relieve Caregiver Stress

Terri Shearer and I have been working on a 3-hour instructional video and book, "Caring For Your Loved One At Home," for the many family members who suddenly find themselves caring for a parent, spouse, or child due to traumatic injury or illness, degenerative disease, or other in home health care demand. Look for it in the future.

To round out my profile you must know that, while Jesus is my first love and family is second, I also have a great love of DOGS. So here are a couple of the many more of my endeavors (Squidoo identity "Guinness"):

Best Dog Health Care Solutions to Dog Health Problems
- Holistic and Traditional Pet Health Care

Rena Murray - The Best Dog Behaviorist Ever

And what is one of the most uplifting things to me? FLOWERS, of course (or I wouldn't be my mother's daughter)! So enjoy my "Mothers Day Flowers In Florida" hub, but also check out this Squidoo lens, the slide show and the incredible flowers available through Mothers Day Flowers In Miami And Florida

Enjoy, be uplifted and be most blessed!

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