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I enjoy reading, researching and writing. I have considerable amount of knowledge on topics that I choose. I enjoy meeting people and sharing and receiving in return.

It is quite exciting to be on hubpages. The encouragement I receive is fantabulous! Great word, huh? I should have started long ago but.... nothing happens before its time. I have gained so much additional knowledge from reading other hubs. The communication with other hubbers is really a wonderful blessing. Thank you so much hubpages, for just being there.

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  • The Meaning of Health and Wellness and Why It Is Important For Us

    The Meaning of Health and Wellness and Why It Is Important For Us

    5 years ago

    Take charge of your health and be on the path to wellness. Health and wellness mean the ability to live life fully with vitality and meaning. Wellness is optimal health and vitality, encompassing physical, emotional,...

  • Why I Love To Give Thanks and Praise

    Why I Love To Give Thanks and Praise

    7 months ago

    Oh yes, I thank you Lord for every flower that blooms, birds that sing, fish that swim in the light of the moon, I thank you everyday when I kneel and pray that we were born with eyes to see these things.... I hum...

  • Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

    Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle

    7 months ago

     We cannot emphasize sufficiently, the importance of healthy living and good nutrition in preventing diseases.  No-one needs to get a disease before sensing the need to modify a habit to ensure a long and happy...

  • Freedom From Stress

    Freedom From Stress

    7 months ago

    The health of our physical body is important to our survival, so the path to freedom begins at the most basic level.  We are all familiar with signs and symptoms of structural stress.  The symptoms vary from tense...

  • Negative Effects of Stress

    Negative Effects of Stress

    7 months ago

    Stress is a condition of the mind which relects it symptom in the body. It is a physiological response to one's mental activities and, it is the way we think about a situation that determines whether or not we will...

  • Fifth Largest Earthquake Ever

    Fifth Largest Earthquake Ever

    7 months ago

    ...well since 1900 really.  The massive earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan on Friday 11th March, 2011 ranks as the 5th largest in the world since 1900 according to scientists.  It has been reported that the...

  • Exercise Your Way To Health

    Exercise Your Way To Health

    7 months ago

     Exercise has tremendous benefits which you will notice as you continue to read this article.  We cannot be educated sufficiently on the topic "Exercise".  A lot of emphasis is placed on its importance. However, we...

  • The First Few Weeks of Newborn Babies

    The First Few Weeks of Newborn Babies

    7 months ago

    The period between birth and 3 months is one of adjustment of your baby's immature nervous and digestive systems to life in the outside world.  A smooth adjustment is harder for some babies to achieve than others....

  • Depression Hurts Whom?

    Depression Hurts Whom?

    7 months ago

    Depression hurts not only the 'victim' (the one who is depressed) but the entire family. It is not a "ME" thing but "ALL OF US". No-one can tell what is actually happening to you (your mind) and if you try to explain,...