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Carlossuarez profile image

Carlos Saurez (Carlossuarez)

Joined 15 months ago from Pinecrest




Also follow me on:

From early 1995 to mid 2006, I owned a health and nutrition store in Miami Florida called All Natural Nutrition. Prior to that, starting as early as 1984, I began college with the aspiration to become a medical doctor, as had close to a dozen or so of my family members. Somewhere along the line between the Chemistry and Biology classes I discovered a passion for finding out the how and why chemicals and nutrients affect the body, and found myself looking for answers, many of which were found on the pages of books that at that time were considered controversial. I was first intrigued by the books my older brother was handing down to me regarding nutrition, like Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible, Dr. Linus Pauling, as well as others. He was a Nutritionist by the time I had graduated high school, and I picked up a lot of information and ideas over the years, even applying some of the knowledge here and there.

At this point I have to be honest, I was completely fascinated with the idea of healing, and wanted to be a doctor since early childhood, and to this day respect doctors and modern medicine tremendously. Just in diagnostics alone, modern medicine is fascinating, not to mention what occurs in the ER or Trauma Center, or in many Doctor’s office around the globe on a daily basis. There is also the enormous amount of talent, money and energy involved in Research and Development, that has led us to incredible advancements in modern pharmacology and surgical procedures just to name a few of the incredible advancements. It’s just that I believe that modern medicine can be enhanced very successfully along with nutrition and herbal medicine, and we have been seeing a lot more of this mind set in the last 10 years or so.

I was not completely convinced that modern medicine, particularly pharmacology, was utilizing all available avenues, especially herbal and natural remedies to heal, and ironically enough, had I pursued traditional medicine, I may have not read the books that enlightened my mind into searching for the truth in healing. It was not until early 1995 that we opened a health and nutrition store, that I got reall deep into nutrition, and from this point on, I read, learned, and applied the knowledge I had acquired on numerous individuals. Added to this two friends, a college Chemistry professor, and a pharmaceutical biochmest, helped me to understand and apply biochemistry to the equation,and was able to significantly help people with alternative healing methodologies.

For me, the best feeling was to have a client come in and say “Thank you!! Your recommendations have helped me tremendously”. It felt great, and I absolutely love the idea of helping and healing, I live for that, it fuels me, it’s my calling, and is the main reason behind what I do today.

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