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CarNoobz articles are intended primarily for new or inexperienced drivers. If that's you, then read on...but even confident, experienced drivers can learn new things, or can at least benefit from being reminded of things long forgotten. So you old-timers are welcome to hang around as well.

CarNoobz articles provide tips on how to drive safely, how to take good care of your car, and how to make some sense of all those words on your car insurance papers,

I've been behind the wheel every day for more than two decades, and half of that time I was employed as a delivery driver, so I've put in a lot of hours and feel very comfortable driving in a variety of conditions and situations.

But for young or inexperienced drivers, everything is new. Many things are a little awkward. And some things are just plain scary.

Remember your first several times driving on the freeway? Did you ever imagine yourself just freaking out, jerking the steering wheel to the side and -- VROOOM!!! -- flying right over the edge and splattering yourself all over the streets below?

Yeah...me, too. Been there. Imagined that. Stayed in my lane and lived to tell about it...and so will you!

Ok, well...I hope you find some useful tips here. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my hubs, give comments, and share them. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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