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My name is Chris. I'm 55- I'm a Strength Trainer, Straight, I like competing, training, humor, travel, reading and interesting people/ideas.

.. I value Liberty, Fairness, Honesty, Enthusiasm and Vitality.

I enjoy reading about history, philosophy, comparative religions, and, of course, physical culture.

.. After years in the Navy, years more in the corporate world- busting my ass making everybody else happy but me--- now, I spend a lot more time doing what I like to do...

Strongman events, Powerlifting, Riding my motorcycle, Kayaking, Writing, and Listening to music.

.. Many of my posts are admittedly a little snarky and androcentric -- definitely an acquired taste -- (like ME)-- you'll either love it or hate it ! If you don't like them, well, there are plenty of other writers on here to read... but-- if you DO, let me know.. and subscribe!

Drop me a line or a comment - I'd love to hear from ya!

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