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I started practising meditation about 12 years ago with the Clairvision School when I lived in Australia. Since then I've done lots of practices and it's been an amazing journey of consciousness. My practices have given me such tangible experiences of myself and realities beyond the ordinary discursive mind.

I qualified as a psychologist in Australia in 2003 and had a private practice in Canberra and now in London. I primarily work with methods developed at the Clairvision School for self-exploration and deep emotional work that incorporate a metaphysical aspect. Clients may also experience pastlives and regressions. The techniques are called IST - Inner Space Techniques.

I run workshops based on the work of the Clairvision School throughout Europe. I thoroughly recommend the Clairvision School (www.clairvision.org) for effective spiritual practices and teachings with depth.

Prior to working as a therapist I studied film and writing and worked in the film industry. Writing is still a passion for me.

See my website for more info about my therapy practice: www.catherinesinclair.com

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