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Rob started off his career in communications in the Public Relations arena, managing diverse accounts within the ICT sector. He then moved on to copywriting and was the sole copywriter on the Dimension Data and Internet Solutions accounts for two years, handling all marketing collateral for this South African-born ICT giant.

The exciting world of online gambling was calling and Rob joined Osiris Trading as Content Manager: Retention Marketing. This company is a world leader in online gambling and the company prides itself on being at the bleeding edge of online marketing campaigns within this highly competitive sector. Rob learned incredibly innovative online marketing tools while at Osiris, but soon the lure of a "dreamjob" writing position piqued his interest.

ZOO Weekly, a weekly men's lifestyle magazine was launching, and Rob was asked to be the Features Editor. Rob held this position from issue one to the last when, unfortunately and sadly, the parent company (Media24) pulled the plug on this publication.

Rob then moved to brother publication FHM within the same stable and was appointed Digital Editor of FHM Magazine, managing the online and mobile platforms of the premier men's print publication. Rob was then attracted back to Internet Solutions as the product manager and all round digital ninja for the launch of PLUGG.co.za – Internet Solutions' consumer arm. His interest in poker then garnered him the position of Group Media Manager for Maverick Publishing a company that publishes BLUFF poker magazine (amongst other titles). Rob managed both the print publication (brand and content), as well as the digital presence of the magazine.

In terms of specific social media, Rob has instigated, created and managed the online social presence of the erstwhile ZOO Weekly Magazine brand (growing the Facebook group to 2500 members), the FHM Facebook group to 5000 members, and the BLUFF Magazine Twitter account to over 2000 followers... all within a matter of months. Rob has been a Forum Moderator and editor on MrSpencer.com for over 6 years, as well as a regular contributor to various websites and print publications. Rob also currently manages the social media portfolio of MTV Africa and MTV Base and recently helped launch the Vodacom Join the Voice campaign and flashmob. He was also the social media go-to guy for the 16th MTN South African Music Awards and executed the first live streaming backstage broadcast on Facebook. He's looking forward to taking SAMA 17 to even greater social media heights.

In short...

Rob maintains unique skills in that he straddles both the print and digital worlds, bringing together the best practices of old media and merging with the dynamic world of Web 2.0. Id est, he has comprehensive insight into content production (editor, writer, copywriter, proofreader, sub-editor), as well as broad experience in digital marketing and management for brands in the online space (content manager, webmaster, digital editor, community manager, social media manager). He has a 360 degree view of brand management, both online and IRL.

Specific positions include:

PR Account Manager for Outlore Marketing and 3D Global Communications (ICT - Canon, Gauteng Online, Siltek Distribution Dynamics, Symantec)

Copywriter (Dimension Data)

Content Manager Retention Marketing (Largest global online casino company)

Features Editor (ZOO Weekly Magazine)

Digital Editor (FHM)

Product and Brand Manager (PLUGG.co.za)

Group Media Manager (Maverick Publishing – BLUFF Magazine)

Social Media (MTV Africa)

Media (16th South African Music Awards)

Social Media (Vodacom Join The Voice Behind Bafana Bafana Campaign)

Social Media (Game Stores and DionWired)

His range of skills:

Public and Media Relations





Content Producer

Content Manager


Social Media Manager

Community Manager

In one sentence: Rob Dickens is a writer, first and foremost, with extensive experience running the full gamut of marketing communications and brand management in both the online and offline spheres, with recognised skills and expertise in the emerging world of social media.


Rob is currently heading up his own digital marketing agency called Cattleprod Media & Marketing. The agency specialises in the acronyms: ORM (Online Reputation Management), Online CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SM (Social Media) and FTW.



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