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  • Three Little Lambs Were Lost One Day

    Three Little Lambs Were Lost One Day

    11 years ago

    Too many children have been lost in our beloved Australian bush. This is one of the most poignant stories of love and loss. How tragic there was no Little Bo-peep to find these little lost sheep.

  • Ponchos with Panache and Stunning Shawls

    Ponchos with Panache and Stunning Shawls

    9 years ago

    Ponchos come in all sizes and colours, and shawls also. Here's a different look at both of these delightful accessories.

  • Gorgeous Goods and Cherished Chattels

    Gorgeous Goods and Cherished Chattels

    9 years ago

    'One man's trash is another man's treasure' - some say. The beauties that follow have never been trash - but have always been highly treasured and deeply cherished. Antiques of the world - UNITE!

  • Selecting a Husband - 1890's style

    Selecting a Husband - 1890's style

    9 years ago

    'Young ladies must understand that preservation of the species is the primary object for the institution of marriage. .. most certainly not to simply gratify the 'animal' passions.' said J.H. Kellogg.

  • Miss Calculations...and the Country Connection

    Miss Calculations...and the Country Connection

    8 years ago

    Dogs have owners and cats have slaves. That's the saying. Until Missy came into our lives I doubted this. A couple of years down the track, I must admit - Cats Rule!

  • The Farmer Needs A Wife...AND The Law of Attraction

    The Farmer Needs A Wife...AND The Law of Attraction

    9 years ago

    I wasn't inspired by the TV series of a similar name, it's true. An influence most certainly, but my initial inspiration came first-hand over 40 years ago, when two city slickers made a tree change.

  • Confessions of a Late-night Stitch Witch

    Confessions of a Late-night Stitch Witch

    7 years ago

    Knitting and crocheting, stitching and beading - for countless years my fingers have never stopped. Less stitchery today, but a whole heap more tip-tapping on my computer. It's called Progress...

  • Sheba the German Shepherd...the Queen of our Hearts

    Sheba the German Shepherd...the Queen of our Hearts

    9 years ago

    Picking out your best dog is like choosing your favourite child... nearly. We have loved each and every one of our furry kids, but this one was extra special. See if you disagree by the end.

  • My Crafty Journey.....One Stitch at a Time

    My Crafty Journey.....One Stitch at a Time

    7 years ago

    Once it was my fingers loudly protesting, and when you see some of the tools I've used, you'll understand. Now it's my fingers and my eyes as I slave over my hot computer, eternally writing.

  • Who is cdcraftee?

    Who is cdcraftee?

    6 years ago

    I am Christine and I am Australian - and what follows are a few scintillating and significant statistics about myself - everything you always wanted to know (NOT!).

  • My Father's Day is Every day

    My Father's Day is Every day

    7 years ago

    He lived and worked on Earth for 62 years. He shares the warmest place in my heart and soul with my dearest mother... for as long as I live and love on this same Earth.

  • It's Great Mate ... The Aussie Beer Shed

    It's Great Mate ... The Aussie Beer Shed

    6 years ago

    'Aussie Beers are the Best'. Well-ll-ll, who am I to argue? I certainly wouldn't pick a fight with someone her size. Some larrikin must have been as game as Ned Kelly to give this upstanding Lady an armful of tinnies to hold - AND wrap a stubby...

  • Make Afghans...Not War!

    Make Afghans...Not War!

    11 years ago

    And these crochet and knit creations are my version of patchwork creations. The first of my patchworking problems is that I just cannot visualise patterns or even several materials together. And then I can't imagine a pattern with these several...

  • Beauty and the Bead...Knitting, Actually.

    Beauty and the Bead...Knitting, Actually.

    9 years ago

    Beading AND Knitting - and Beading AND Crocheting? Yes. All of these are possible and beautiful. Read on and make your own decision.

  • No Ordinary Mother

    No Ordinary Mother

    9 years ago

    Extraordinary actually. If asked what she 'did', she would usually reply - "Oh, I don't know. Nothing much really. I'm just a housewife and mother". Nothing much? Really? Well, no Mum...

  • 'Hanging Out' with My Wall Hangings

    'Hanging Out' with My Wall Hangings

    11 years ago

    Raggedy Ann and Andy insisted on being first...what can I say? (I'm basically a 'pushover' for kids...and words...I really had little choice)...and they are extremely cute in their personal wall-hanging. Since our grand-daughter was very small, she...

  • Taffy Was An Aussie

    Taffy Was An Aussie

    11 years ago

    But the famed 'Taffy' was a Welshman - and the old-time rhyme goes a bit like this - 'Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to my house and stole a leg of beef! I went to Taffy's house, But Taffy wasn't home.... All that was left...

  • Eternally yours... the Eternity Scarf!

    Eternally yours... the Eternity Scarf!

    9 years ago

    Once upon a time my fingers were eternally click-clacking some kind of craft needle to create yet another knitted, crocheted or beaded pattern my brain found challenging. Then came the Eternity scarf.

  • Calendar Recyclers of the World Unite!

    Calendar Recyclers of the World Unite!

    9 years ago

    Recycled calendars? But of course. All that's required is a little patience and an empty drawer to store these treasures. But if they're not the Far Side variety, you could be disappointed.

  • Ageing Disgracefully

    Ageing Disgracefully

    11 years ago

    Meth-who-sela? This is the name of the Grandfather of Noah, the man in the Hebrew Bible, reputed to have been 969 years 'old' at his death. Much speculation and few satisfactory conclusions have been found to explain this phenomenon - so we won't...

  • Angels Come...In All Sizes and Guises

    Angels Come...In All Sizes and Guises

    10 years ago

    Some visualise angels floating amongst the clouds, playing harps and things. Others see angels hovering and making all good things happen. Maybe... but here are the ones I've met so far.

  • 36

    Please... 'Really' Listen

    9 years ago

    Years ago, as a trainee telephone counsellor, I was reminded we are born with two ears and one mouth - a sign that we should listen twice as much as we talk. Good listening is SO effective.

  • 148

    Treasured Christmas Memories

    11 years ago

    Christmas looked like this! Well, in 1948 it was a black and white happening . . . but only on film. How about this Father Christmas? NOT one of the best of the friends and helpers of the 'real' Father Christmas I've ever seen, but obviously the...

  • 90

    Schooldays Downunder - Australia in the 1950s

    6 years ago

    I wish there was an unforgettable moment of my first day at school in 1950. Apart from the obvious pride in finally being big enough, this first remains mainly a kaleidoscope of remembered smells .

  • My Life in 'Interesting' Times

    My Life in 'Interesting' Times

    9 years ago

    The ancient Chinese proverb wished this, and I have certainly lived in the best of times so far. After the Great Depression, and between World Wars, life has been most kind.

  • A Gentle Gypsy Stole my Heart

    A Gentle Gypsy Stole my Heart

    11 years ago

    My hands were the first and last Gypsy knew. Holding her with the greatest love - at her birth - and at her death, 17 years later. The first time I saw her, she was still in her umbilical sac. I had to clear her mouth and tickle her nose with a dry...

  • Candy - A Honey of a Dog

    Candy - A Honey of a Dog

    9 years ago

    Ten years can seem a lifetime when you're a dog lover - and you don't have a dog of your own. This was the life of the sweetheart I waited for, the dog I called Candy.

  • 2

    The Wordsmith Who Loved Horses

    6 years ago

    He was one of Australia's best-loved 'sons'...the only Australian poet to have a Tablet and a Bust placed in the Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey, London. He was Adam Lindsay Gordon.

  • 2

    'We'll All Be Rooned'

    6 years ago

    The pessimistic Hanrahan, of Australian literature fame, was a much beloved creation of John O'Brien. Farmers everywhere can relate to the poem of those who depend so totally on the seasons.

  • Ooroo the Kangaroo

    Ooroo the Kangaroo

    9 years ago

    Question: Most Favourite Pet? Mostly a dog or cat. For years dogs won in my heart… until I raised a young dog and a baby kangaroo together. What a pair – such a love that grew between all of us.

  • Farmers?  Are You Serious?

    Farmers? Are You Serious?

    9 years ago

    Two eager city office workers making a tree change to the country. Could it, would it work? 40+ years later we're still farmers, so guess it did.

  • Helmets & Hats - and Snuggly Scarves

    Helmets & Hats - and Snuggly Scarves

    11 years ago

    If you're looking for warmth, softness, and prettiness - here is something special. Like all of my creations it is unique - a 'one-off' - never to be repeated exactly the same. As the designer and creator, I can certainly guarantee these claims. ...

  • Kangaroo R&R - Rescue and Rebirth

    Kangaroo R&R - Rescue and Rebirth

    9 years ago

    Some of our 'furry' children have been kangaroos. One look into a baby kangaroo's eyes, and you're guaranteed to lose your heart. I did... many times over.

  • Henry's Mother - Louisa Lawson

    Henry's Mother - Louisa Lawson

    6 years ago

    ...Mothers, that is. This is the story of one particularly special mother - a Woman of Words of the 1800's - Louisa Albury Lawson. Louisa was not the first Australian women's periodical publisher, but her indomitable spirit and fiery honesty, saw...

  • The Primary Pooch

    The Primary Pooch

    11 years ago

    Kim was an Airedale, crossed with something (maybe several 'somethings') and so his features were softer than the usual sharp angles of his breed.What I do know for sure, was that he was the first in a line of great and treasured canine characters...

  • Heroes?  They Didn't Think So.

    Heroes? They Didn't Think So.

    9 years ago

    Not all heroism is outstanding, but some of our greatest heroes emerge from the hearts of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations... and react stoically and heroically.

  • Soft Toy Shuffle

    Soft Toy Shuffle

    9 years ago

    My 'Special Needs' children (alias the Small Knitty Gritty Kids) had lost their love-ability, judging by the way I found them in all types of 'dumped' locations. Now they're born-again heroes.

  • A Little-known Aussie, Ted Bear, Esq.

    A Little-known Aussie, Ted Bear, Esq.

    6 years ago

    His reputation is not renown in many circles - he actually has little claim to fame in the public arena. Basically, he's an almost unknown, somewhat shadowy figure in today's technological world .

  • 10

    Henry Lawson - Bush Bard Extraordinaire

    6 years ago

    If you would learn of the Australian Bush - feel it; hear its great echoing silence; almost smell it, then Henry Lawson's words won't disappoint. Even his eyes tell his stories, without a word.

  • A Little Poetic Licence and Larceny

    A Little Poetic Licence and Larceny

    6 years ago

    Most times we go to the Kitchen to cook. Sometimes the mind can drift away whilst the hands are busy with the mundane preparation of yet another soup, yet another curry - or cake, or tray of Anzac biscuits to make. Some of us really DO love cooking...


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