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I am a country wife, mother of 2 Army soldiers, and keeper of a flock of over 50 chickens and always expanding. My role as Domestic Engineer is a job I love (mainly because my husband makes it easy for me) and wish I had always been in. Hopefully no more corporate life for me!

Now the owner of an eclectic vintage and home furnishings store, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Vintage and quality are pleasing to me. I love to decorate and enhance my venues whether it be my shop or my home.

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  • Raising Light Brahma Chickens

    Raising Light Brahma Chickens

    10 months ago

    I have been raising chickens for over five years and have worked with many breeds of poultry. This is about my experience raising light brahma chickens.

  • Cowboy Boots or Cowgirl Boots - The Love of Western Cowboy Boots

    Cowboy Boots or Cowgirl Boots - The Love of Western Cowboy Boots

    8 years ago

    What constitutes a good pair of boots? In my opinion, the best boots are the ones that look like they should have been thrown away a long time ago but I still keep on wearing them. They are worn, distressed, but still...

  • Removal of Rooster Spurs

    Removal of Rooster Spurs

    8 years ago

    Do you own chickens? If so, you are probably aware of what a rooster spur is. In the photo it shows my head rooster proudly strutting his stuff. Note the spurs sticking out the sides of his legs. Roosters have spurs...

  • How to Dust Your Chickens for Parasites

    How to Dust Your Chickens for Parasites

    8 years ago

    Keeping chickens in your backyard is fun! They are one of the most maintenance-free pets. Their daily requirements mainly consist of feeding and watering. And if you do this they give you a reward, an egg! But to keep...