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Hello, welcome and thank you for stopping by!

I live in sunny Florida but I was born and raised in beautiful Michigan. I miss the gorgeous summers there, the refreshment of spring and the stunning colors of fall. But when it comes to wintertime, it's all about Florida baby! I live here with my wife, 2 boys and our cat, Sushi.

Out of high school, I went directly into the working world and after a decade of that I quit to take my on-the-job training skills into the world of self-employment. Owning a business has had its ups and downs, especially in this economy but thankfully it helps pay the bills. In order to have affordable health insurance for us, I also work part time for a huge package delivery company. This, and running a business, keeps me quite busy.

I don't have a college degree, but I would like to get one at some time in my life. I enjoy learning and would love to increase my knowledge with some higher education. But until then I guess the school of hard knocks and life experience will have to do.

My hobbies include golf, reading, bike riding, keeping an aquarium, and travel. Travel is something new I have added to my hobby list. A year ago, my wife and I, along with another couple, spent 10 days in Baja California. We stayed in a town called Los Barriles on the Sea of Cortez and lived it up for a few days down in Cabo San Lucas. After 21 years of marriage, this was our first big trip together and we had so much fun that we plan on doing a lot more! It's amazing how breathtaking many parts of the earth are. I look forward to exploring and enjoying more as the years go by.

I'm not a great writer but for some reason I love to write. So I was happy when I found HubPages. My creativity is not as polished as a lot of writers found here, but I'm glad to be included with them as I try and put my thoughts and ideas into words. I contribute an assortment of articles on various subjects and look forward to contributing more and more as time goes on.

Hope you enjoy!


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