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Chad Alexander Hagy a full-time freelance writer with an unhealthy interest in TV and Hootie and the Blowfish. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2006 and have yet to put my degree to use in a real career, but I love freelance writing because I can do it from home and spend more time with my wife.

Originally, I am from Flint, Michigan. I lived there for 30 years (and yes, I've lived to tell about it). A few months after graduating, I moved to southern California with my wife because her family lives here and my parents passed away a few years ago. I had hoped to be a writer for a sitcom, but my goals are moving towards writing books and blogging lately.

I'm beginning a website about wrestling history - mostly WWE and the big names. I have the domain name, but I've yet to create any content. I also have an interest in music - mostly rock and country - and a passing interest in politics. I consider myself to be a Conservative and partly Republican, but I don't just subscribe to one set of beliefs based on my affiliation with that party.I am also a hardcore Christian that attends a Nazarene church. But I don't like denominational divisions, so I just prefer to be called a Christian :)

My favorite shows are, in order: Seinfeld, The Office (American version), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Corner Gas, The Big Bang Theory, Monk, Psych and The Moment of Truth. My all-time favorite band is Hootie and the Blowfish and I've seen them seven times in concert. My favorite fast food joint is Taco Bell and White Castle.

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