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My name is Chad Allen. I wear many hats (mostly because I have a receding hairline *ba-doom-psshhh*). I'm a college graduate, an aspiring musician, a son, a thinker, a brother, a fun-lover, an uncle, and a friend.

This world can be a scary place, but it can also be beautiful. People can be cruel and selfish, but they can also be kind, caring, and generous. Life can be hard, and it can be easy, but we can always be grateful for what we have.

This is my blog. It was originally a hip-hop blog, but after writing a few posts I found out I want to talk about other things in addition to my favorite music. These are my thoughts, thoughtfully expressed with expressive words. Whatever that means :-)



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  • How Gratitude Saved My Life

    How Gratitude Saved My Life

    5 months ago

    Chad has struggled with his mental health on and off since his teenage years. He has learned to practice gratitude in the good and bad times.

  • Hip-Hop: The Lifeblood of Sports

    Hip-Hop: The Lifeblood of Sports

    6 months ago

    Visit a gameday locker room, high school to professional, rural to urban, and you're guaranteed to hear music blasting. And more often than not, you'll hear hip-hop music.

  • Top 10 Rappers

    Top 10 Rappers

    6 months ago

    Every town has at least one or two rappers, and every city has at least one or two hundred. But rapping and being a good rapper are two different things. And killing it between interviews is another.

  • You Record Where?

    You Record Where?

    6 months ago

    Some musicians pay for studio time. A lucky few have their own studio. The rest of us record wherever we have available.

  • Selling Out: An Alternative Definition

    Selling Out: An Alternative Definition

    6 months ago

    Many believe that an artist changing their style to appeal to the masses is a grave mistake in the creative process. They call this "selling out". I offer a different definition of this term.