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Writing has always been a great source of pleasure for me as I love how the nature of it is inherently challenging. It has been my unforntunate experience to be able to relate to victims of sexual related crimes and domestic violence resulting in my divorce. Through dedication, faith, and hard work, I have created a very good life with my children, my new husband, and his son. Patience, kindness, and a strong support system of family and friends have done a world of good towards helping me to heal.

I am not perfect, I do not profess to be, nor do I ever believe I will be. What I am is a work in progress. It is my deepest hope that by sharing the horrors of what I have been through, I may be able to help someone else heal, gain confidence, gain understanding, or just know they are not alone. Together, we can change things, poitively or negatively. Ignorance is not bliss and I hope to educate through my words. I do not claim to be an expert, a professional, or the all-knowing, only someone who has worn those shoes and wants others to know what it was like.

I have travelled a lot for pleasure, work, and just plain moving. I feel that travel is important in order to experience new people and traditions which is important in order to build a more well rounded and well adjusted life. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to help others. My mind is always open to new ideas and I hope that I may also continue to learn through others.

After a couple of years of writing, procrastinating, erasing, writing again, editing again, and generally going through the writing process over and over again I have finally produced a final copy of a creative non-fiction. It is entitled "Love Means Never Having To Say Don't Hit Me" and is currently available on Amazon for the Kindle. I am working on making it availble through other venues and I will add those here when they become available. The great thing about this book is that the vast majority of the proceeds are going to support local shelters and programs aimed at helping victims of domestic violence.


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