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Born and raised in Kansas, I have lived a rather complicated life. My family was poor from day one and I've never had the opportunity to meet my real father. My family has never particularly had any real talent, so gaining much more than anger issues wasn't going to be happening.

Because of this, I've dedicated my life to pushing myself farther than anyone in my family ever has. I was the first one in my family to ever graduate high school, giving me the highest level of progression they have ever seen in my family. I read books to increase my intelligence. I've studied martial arts to tame the mental instability that runs in my own family. It has all worked wonders. I am a truly ambitious man with a dream to live a comfortable, if not wealthy, lifestyle and provide my wife and son with the things I feel like they deserve. I believe that hard work can trump any natural talent that gets people the great jobs that are offered around the globe. After all, I have surpassed everything my family thought I could be so far. It was hard, but I will not stop until I reach that level that I believe will grant my wish and attain my goals.

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