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My journey as a blogger started off with my two least favourite things in the world, reading and writing. Sounds bizarre? Of course, but this is what lead me to my passion. Seeking knowledge and challenging personal barriers have got me this far and it opened many opportunities to learn and connect with people. I have a Lifestyle blog which I learn from each day and also a collaborative blog where I've partnered up with three other talented content creators.

As I improved my skills throughout my journey, my gears in my head were always in motion. I developed a great sense of observation and also problem-solving skills. Hubpages is new to me and I hope I can add some value to my readers. I'm excited to learn new skills as I grow with this community.

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  • How to Eat a Live B.C. Spot Prawn

    How to Eat a Live B.C. Spot Prawn

    4 weeks ago

    Learn how to eat a live prawn. Whether if it's your first time eating one raw or your first time handling one alive. Check out my quick video on "How to Eat a Live Prawn."