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Charlie Wolf profile image

Charlie Wolf

Joined 9 years ago from Pacific Northwest




Rambling Reflections

"Friends come in and out of your life like busboys at a restaurant." This is a line out of the movie, Stand by Me based on a book by Stephen King titled, The Body. The first time I heard this play, it brought to mind a time at a busy Denny's Restaurant in Topeka, KS and my observation of of a young man rapidly stacking dirty dishes into gray tubs and hurrying them back into the kitchen to be washed.

Then it struck me how true this is. Being born in Kansas, and having lived in several different cities, I've had plenty of opportunities to watch friends come and go. And even more people have been through life's revolving door since I relocated here in the Northwest. But meeting, becoming friends, and working with everyone I've known has left an impression on me to a lesser or greater degree, and very likely contributed to the individual I am today. I believe this is true for most people, and is a continuious process as long as one lives.

I read somewhere, that everyone wants to be a writer. I'm surprised at the number of people I've come across that confirm that to me. Now we all know, most people don't write, but thats probably good for those who do. But if most of the interesting people I've met in life either cannot, do not, or will not write, imagine the number of stories, accounts, or testimonials that have happened and may never be known to anyone outside of their small circle of family and friends.

Now being myself, I tell stories. It's what I do. My waking hours are spent thinking about who, what, when, etc etc, has happened, is happening, or could happen (not just major news events) and how these accounts relate to the rest of us. Are we inspired, surprised, depressed, confused or disgusted? How would we react in a similar situation? Do we take hope in humanity's bottomless resivoir of strength and innovation, or do we yield and like water, follow the path of least resistance?

Every person in the world has a story that belongs to him or her alone. Most of these people don't tell their own stories and so their experiences are unknown to the rest of us. I have had the good fortune to meet some of these people, and will be proud to tell their stories for them. Some of the stories will appear here on Hubpages.

Philosophy and Foolishness

We are all given just the moment we have now. The present is defined by the instant in which we live. Once that instant is gone, it is part of the past, and written in the unchangable tablets of time. The moments that have not arrived make up the future, and are not promised to us, but meted out one instant at a time.

It is our obligation to appy our own individuality to each monent at it comes our way, and to do so in a way that we won't regret, knowing there are no second chances.

The innocence of youth is the most precious thing the world has to offer.

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