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    The Amazing, Mysterious, Marvelous, and Humble Electric Motor

    10 years ago

    They;re everywhere, and mostly unnoticed as we go about our daily routines, but life without them would be unrecognizable.

  • What Writing Means to Me

    What Writing Means to Me

    10 years ago

    Writing is an art that has entertained, thrilled, compelled, inspired, and captivated the hearts of readers worldwide for generations. To be a writer is to influence the thoughts of many.

  • If I Could Talk to Millie

    If I Could Talk to Millie

    11 years ago

    I started this hub a couple of months ago (June 2012) and as happens was interrupted by other things. Before I could come back and finish, an event occurred within a family that my wife knows of. She came home one day after work and told me a...

  • Crystal Meth

    Crystal Meth

    11 years ago

    Drugs and the problems they cause to our society are everywhere. We can avoid them, refuse to take part in their use, and report drug activity to the authorities. And still, it can occasionally find a way to insert itself into your life. One way or another you may be forced to deal with it.

  • 10


    2 years ago

    Daming Xu left for a hike in the forest one day and never returned. Searchers launched a large effort involving horses, people and helicopters but to no avail. His car was found, and witnesses met and spoke with him, and maddening clues were located, but he remains gone.

  • Facebook and Getting Beyond Your Raising

    Facebook and Getting Beyond Your Raising

    12 years ago

    We are always comparing ourselves to other people. We like to know, are they more successful or how is their family functioning compared to ours. When life's circumstances bring about a separation between people early, a reacquaintance later in life brings these questions back in a sometimes...

  • Ten Years After

    Ten Years After

    12 years ago

    The WTC attacks were of the type of incident that places an indelible stamp in our memories and most if not all of us (age permitting) can remember what we were doing as it happened. We might be surprised as well at how close to home it struck.

  • Joyland; Wichita's Lost Legacy

    Joyland; Wichita's Lost Legacy

    3 years ago

    Generations of people found fun and enjoyment at a small theme park in the mid-west. But changing moods and preferences have relegated this local icon to the dust bins of nostalgia. And if any hope remained, the sour economy dashed it as well.

  • Unions....Good or Bad

    Unions....Good or Bad

    12 years ago

    Labor unions are a politicol hot potato in today's world. They have been on the edge of my life for several years. Here is a compilation of observations as seen over a thirty year peoiod.

  • Dennis Rader, BTK...Wichita's Serial Killer

    Dennis Rader, BTK...Wichita's Serial Killer

    6 years ago

    For over thirty years, Wichita, Kansas police looked for a serial killer who preyed on the people who lived there. After far to many deaths, and too many unsolved cases, the killer was caught. The facts illustrate how this story could happen in any town in America.

  • Doing the Hard Times

    Doing the Hard Times

    12 years ago

    Today is August 4, 2010. I woke up this morning and recalled, it was two years ago today that I was laid off as my employer began to ramp down for closure. I worked in a semi-conducter plant, or fab, as they are commonly known inside the industry....

  • Unintentionally Homeless, Family on the Streets

    Unintentionally Homeless, Family on the Streets

    12 years ago

    Homelessness is a social ill that never goes away. Only the numbers of those afflicted change, and they have increased lately. Each individual or family must find a way within their own capabilities to deal with it.

  • The Day They Shot Our President in Dallas

    The Day They Shot Our President in Dallas

    12 years ago

    When JFK was shot in Dallas, the course of the world was changed forever. The event still raises questions of intrigue and conspiracy over forty years later. The events of that day are laid out here in an attempt to bring the reader closer to what happened.

  • Black Friday. Getting Blacker?

    Black Friday. Getting Blacker?

    12 years ago

    The day after Thanksgiving seems so important to retail stores that it looked forward to and possibly planned for all year. But does getting up and hitting the stores at 4 or 5 am really appeal to American as a whole? For myself, it is a resounding no.

  • 2

    The Most Original Convenience Store

    3 years ago

    Today we take them for granted, but during Ike's administration they were few and far between. This is a true story of an idea well ahead of its time.

  • 28

    Julia Stoddard: Unsolved Disappearance of the Dog Lady

    9 days ago

    The "Dog Lady" was a derogatory label given to a woman who disappeared without a trace from her rural home in Kansas. What happened to Julia Stoddard?

  • The Positives of Capitalism

    The Positives of Capitalism

    3 years ago

    It's a part of human nature from the time we are infants, and the only fair form of economy and government in the world. Maybe it's not perfect, but it holds more hope than the alternatives. A lot of people are praising Socialism these days, but what would it cost us?

  • Twister, Hits Emporia!

    Twister, Hits Emporia!

    11 years ago

    Tornados kill an average of sixty people per yeer in the US. Most of these happen in areas of the mid-west or plains states. This account is of an experiece I and my family went through in 1990

  • 11

    Murder in Oaklawn

    12 years ago

    This hub is an account of a brutal murder that happend near Wichita, KS almost twenty years ago. It is not embellished, but none-the-less contains some graphic descriptons. You may wish to consider this before reading. It is not meant to offend but to relay the story of a tragic incident, and some...

  • Flour as a Weapon?

    Flour as a Weapon?

    12 years ago

    In today's world of terrorism, it seems a new threat is revealed almost every month or so. You might be surprised to know this threat might be in your kitchen.

  • US Air Flight 1549 down in Hudson River

    US Air Flight 1549 down in Hudson River

    14 years ago

    Are you tired of turning on the news and hearing how bad everything is. Would you like to hear something positive once in a while. The day US Air Flight 1549 went down, the crash itself was the worst news. The fantastic news was no one died. Sadly, it took the media two days to report it in its...

  • The Original Hybrid Car

    The Original Hybrid Car

    14 years ago

    Although a model of gasoline/electric automobile appeared around the beginning of the twentieth century,they didn't become commercially viable for nearly a hundred years. But at least twenty years before Toyota and Honda overcame the challenges of building one, a man tinkering in his shop down in...


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