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Charlotte Babb is a writer and web designer in the Upstate of South Carolina. She manages web sites for writers and other clients, including Harry Rubin, Jesse Odom, Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency, and the Southeastern Writers Association.

Her interests include painting in acrylic, writing fantasy and science fiction, fairy tales and mythology. She has two blogs, Wise Authors Write for Dollars for writers who want to learn to write and market themselves on the web, and Wishes Can Come True, discussions of the law of attractions and being your own fairy godmother.

In 2004, she was awarded an Eppie with a group of authors of children's poetry. Her publishing credits range from meditation and fantasy short stories to articles about magic and goddess lore. She has worked as a computer support technician, cloth store associate, high school English teacher, college writing and computer applications instructor, washing machine gasket inspector, newspaper layout and design tech, craft fair artist, technical writer, and telephone psychic.

Her video product, Map your Mind teaches how to use computer mind-mapping to help with the ideation process from thought to outline for action. She teaches workshops on how to promote yourself and your business through blogging.

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