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Hi, I am not yet a billionaire, but I am still giving money away. It is all part of my grand strategy to create a one million dollar monthly income by utilizing different business strategies and tactics.

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On my blog I am giving back a part of all my earnings as a way to thank everyone who supports me on this difficult journey. Through my successes and failures I hope that you can witness and learn if it is possible for an orinary guy like me to reach such an im-possible goal.

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  • The Rise of Star Wars in the 1970’s

    The Rise of Star Wars in the 1970’s

    7 years ago

    The year was 1977, and a then-unknown George Lucas triumphed in releasing the first of his film series Star Wars (later renamed to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). The film became the highest-grossing film in 1977...

  • Benefits Of Press Releases

    Benefits Of Press Releases

    8 years ago

    One sure-fire way to get your business known is by using press releases. A press release is written material that announces a news type event. Television networks, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers as well...