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I became a cheapskate around 15 years ago. Before, that, I wasn't really so cheap. I did like to get the deals, but nothing like now.

I was working full-time, and whenever I wanted or needed something, I usually just bought it. Then baby number two came, and we decided maybe I should stay home with the kids instead of having daycare and afterschool care and all that jazz.

So I did. And it was a shock to the system. All of a sudden, I had NO money! And when I needed money, I got the whole, "What do you need it for?" Whoa! How do you tell your hubbie who is now swinging all the bills, including your new car payment, you need some money for tanning and lipstick?

I had to start budgeting and trying to save money everywhere possible. And then came the couponing...

I like canning and cooking, baking and crafting. I like sewing and designing. I *love* shopping and thrifting. I refashion clothes and fix everything I can to get extended life out of it.

My hub Secrets to a Good-Smelling Home was elected as the winner of the weekly hubnugget for February 16, 2011! I'm crying a little bit over here! Thank you so much for voting for my hub!

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