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I joined Hubpages over a year ago, but only wrote two hubs. I returned recently intending to write much more.

I'm a student looking to build a decent income online, but since I'm jobless I don't really have a lot of money to spend trying out every new "money making system" that comes out. As a result, I'm trying to build up something small on free sites like Hubpages before moving on to affiliate marketing via PPC and eventually my own website and products. I realize that this is a lot to strive for at my age, but I think I have the drive to do it. If anyone has any tips on making a decent amount from Hubpages or article marketing, I would be more than happy to hear them!

I plan to double major in Computer Science and Math, both of which have very high paying career opportunities ;] My current goal is to be making $1000/month online by this time next year (started mid Jan. 2010).

My hubs will focus on my interests because I think I write best about things I care about. So aside from making money online, I will write about video games, music, computers, technology, science and perhaps a few episodes of random ranting :]

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