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  • God's Sense of Humor and an Answered Prayer

    God's Sense of Humor and an Answered Prayer

    15 months ago

    Being born and raised a christian, which has been a very long journey of learning and still so in the process, the term "God stories" has always been a familar tune. I've recently opened up to a whole new outlook in terms of my faith and...

  • Helping Mom Deal With Early Stage Alzheimers

    Helping Mom Deal With Early Stage Alzheimers

    15 months ago

    I guess it's stereotypical (rightfully so) for people to imagine anyone dealing with Alzheimers disease as being completely confused, disoriented, or down right forgetful. Well in most cases this sadly eventually becomes true, but I'd like to share...

  • 16

    The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane- A Must Read for All Ages

    15 months ago

    I've discovered a book through my daughter. She's seven years old, in the second grade. I was tucking her into bed one night and noticed that as always, she had left her library book that she brings home everyday on the floor by her bed. I picked it...

  • Embracing the Power of Choice

    Embracing the Power of Choice

    15 months ago

    The concept of realizing we have a choice in life may seem elementary upon first thought. Yet the more I delve into this subject in my mind it seems to be more of an overlooked ability for many. Somewhat similar to the saying "common sense ain't so...

  • Anxiety Attack- The Day I Thought I'd Die

    Anxiety Attack- The Day I Thought I'd Die

    15 months ago

    I've always heard of the term anxiety attacks or panic attacks. And working in the healthcare field, I've always dealt with patients who were dealing with difficulty breathing. But it wasn't until I had the most unforgettable experience in my life...

  • Becoming an Artist of Life

    Becoming an Artist of Life

    15 months ago

    Everyone has their philosophy on life. There are countless ways to go about making our lives more meaningful or easier to make purpose of. Most of us hear them growing up, yet never find a place for them to fit in our lives. Some of us learn of them...

  • 15

    Removing Fiberglass From Your Hands: An Experience With My Toddler

    3 years ago

     You are never short on adventures with three kids in the house. Therefore to say the very least there truly is never a dull moment. I had an interesting experience today and thought it'd be a good idea to share. I've never dealth with this...

  • 29

    6 Fun and Easy Baby Shower Games

    21 months ago

    Here are some easy, fun games I've offered at baby showers I've planned that have all been very successful and made for great photos, as well.

  • 23

    Rare and Exotic Wildlife of the Philippines

    14 years ago

    Only in the Philippines will you find a great number of rare and exotic animals. The sourrounding waters of this country alone have been reported to have the highest level of biodiversity in the world. It is home to 165 species of mammals, 121 of...

  • 70

    Andres Bonifacio: A Philippine Hero

    3 years ago

    Andres Bonifacio is a well known filipino nationalist and revolutionary. In the time of spanish colonial rule, he became the founder and leader of the Katipunan Movement that sought the independence of the Philippines and started the Philippine...

  • 29

    The Quiet Kid: When Your Child's Not Speaking In Class

    15 months ago

    My son, Jacob is very quiet and shy in nature. Typical little boy, loved his toy soldiers, asked lots of questions, and enjoyed his favorite characters whether it be in a movie, book, t.v. show, etc. There's an interesting incident with Jacob when...

  • Dream: Adrenaline Rush

    Dream: Adrenaline Rush

    3 years ago

    It’s rare lately that I remember any of my dreams. Last night I experienced an amazing adrenaline rush for what felt like quite a long period of time throughout my dream and remembered it so vividly. So I figured I’d write this one down. Wish I...

  • 5 Keys to Happiness

    5 Keys to Happiness

    14 months ago

    "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." A favorite quote by Abraham Lincoln comes to mind when I sit and think of what makes people happy. There are tons of books and articles out there designed to help unhappy people...


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