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I've not yet quit my day job, but writing is what keeps me sane and moving through life. I am happy by design, but can admit that it isn't always easy. This mommy business can get the better of me some days, but it's still the darn coolest thing I've ever done. I write about whatever is on my mind - love, health, God, family, politics.... you name it. I'm not an expert, just highly opinionated! I've been saved, and still can't figure out why He chose me, but I promise to try to make Him smile. I'm in love with being a mom, a woman, and a serial entreprenuer. I'm an open book, and one day, I might surprise myself by actually finishing one (writing, not reading).

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  • Thoughts from this Side of 50

    Thoughts from this Side of 50

    5 months ago

    It's not always easy to accept the aging process. But there is a certain beauty that comes with wrinkles and grey hair. Middle age is not something to fear, rather it is when we become fearless.

  • Reclaiming My Personal Power

    Reclaiming My Personal Power

    5 months ago

    It was a long, and not always pretty road, but in the end, breast cancer brought me to the place I needed to be. This place was where I uncovered my true self and redefined my own life.