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I have always loved to write poems and short stories from a very young age and i am intreiged as to how words can stir up all sorts of emotions and feelings in different kids of people.

Human beings are emotional and the word 'emotion' is what i want the reader to feel when they read my words. My poems vary in style and there are a few life lessons to be learned from experiences from my past that i would like to share, but also fictional stories of love, relationships and everydy life occurences that i have put together for the world to see.

I get my inspiration from various people i have encountered over the years and circumstances that i have found myself in that have propelled me to put down on paper. You will find a mixture of emotions from out right stupidly funny to a meloncholy sad.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to get in touch.

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  • Memories of Love

    Memories of Love

    3 months ago

    Have you ever reminisced over a lost love? It's sometimes nice to go back but other times there's a lot of pain and heartache. Whatever the case is i hope your enjoy these words from my loving past.