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With a head full of imagination, it was only natural that I would get in to tabletop gaming at a young age. My best friend showed me Heroscape, then D&D, and before long I was spending my weekends in the Tomb of Horrors and the Village of Hommlet, first as a player and then as a game master. Over the years I've devoted more time to sitting "behind the screen" than in front of it as that's where my interests truly lay.

Many believe that tabletop gaming is dying out, and while others dismiss these fears in the same way as they've always done, there can be no doubt that video games and other sources of entertainment have begun to encroach on my beloved hobby. Personally, I feel that this stems not from a lack of interest, but from a lack of people who are willing to teach new players about what a tabletop game can be. Too often, we older gamers forget that we were once the inexperienced players and that many of us took quite some time to learn how to get the most of our games. It is my hope that through Hub Pages, I can spread at least a little bit of my knowledge and experience to others so that future generations of tabletop gamers can keep the torch burning.

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