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chinared profile image

Just call me, Rick (chinared)

Joined 5 years ago from Asia, and all over




Also follow me on:

"Prose & Palazzo"

Rick (aka, Chinared) is originally from California, USA. He can be reached at, rickhubpages@, or You can also follow his website postings at or

"Hubpages is a great way to meet new friends and read interesting articles. I'm looking forward to reading your next great hub!"

Past: Since an early age, Rick has had adventure in his blood. He has backpacked across America, and has visited many countries. His adventures include: dining with Royalty, to slugging hay in a barn in Denmark. He's stood at the end of a knife; came face to face with an Orca while scuba diving; trapped 60' below in a cave underwater; been attacked and assaulted. He has experienced fame and fortune, and ridden the curbs of poverty. He has found love and lost love, on more than one occasion. Ask him his regrets and he'll tell you, "I have none."

Future Dream: To become the, "Old Man in the Sea." To liveaboard and sail the vast blue.

Why write? For the shear enjoyment of self expression. It's his hope that through his writing, someone, somewhere will learn something and perhaps be inspired in some small way.

What does he write: Anything that comes to mind that he feels there is a way to incorporate something inspirational and unique. Travel, personal experiences, others experiences, sports, dreams, goals, improvement, motivation, cultures, traditions, and just about anything else that can help improve someones life.


I'mpossible, published and distributed in China.

IELAS (Improving English Through Life Acheivement & Success) textbook for ESL/EFL students. A course study based on Rick's personal experiences, as well as others, which assist foreign students in improving their English.

Magazines, freelance writer for several online and paper English magazines around Asia.


Rick has traveled throughout Asia speaking at high schools, universities, businesses, and major international companies. His audiences have ranged in numbers from just a small room full, to nearly 5,000.


Rick developed a division of an English Immersion College for ESL students centered on IELAS program.

Rick partnered in a business to assist students for overseas education in Asia.

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