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Hello and thank you for visiting my Hubpages!! I am a dream interpreter and can interpret your dreams through my Dream Meanings Shop.

I am also the top dream interpreter at allexperts.

All my knowledge of dream analysis is based on self-directed learning and personal experience. I am a wife and mother of three great kids. Many many years ago, I went to university and studied mainly Sociology, Aboriginal studies and some Epidemiology. During this time I dabbled in some psychology and religious studies as well. Also, I am from Australia in case you're interested. I've worked in the field of statistics for well over a decade, so keep your eye out for surveys on my hubpages!

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  • Insomnia: How I beat it for good!

    Insomnia: How I beat it for good!

    11 months ago

    Have you ever lay awake at night unable to sleep? Or do you regularly wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and can't get back to sleep? Then here is something you could try that might make your suffering worthwhile. In this...