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hey everyone thanks for visiting my hubpage profile, you can also find out what I'm up to at chrisalta.com

Chris Altamirano (All-tuhh-mirror-rahh-no) is the name. I currently live in California and yes we do say dude and bro a lot. I am very ambitious and the word "try" does not exist in my vocabulary or mindset. I do things. Period.

My favorite footballer is Zinedine Zidane. I support Barcelona FC and yes I cried when Iniesta scored in stoppage time at Stamford Bridge.

I currently play semi-professional ball but do not get paid to do so, but I love football so much that I'd play for free any day and everyday.

When I was 18 I realized that going to school to get a degree, to get a good job, to make decent money and live within my means wasn't how I wanted to live my life. Since then I have had steady jobs here and there to have spending money but ultimately I've been looking for the next big thing. I've been looking for my niche and I believe through HubPages I've found it. I love football, I know a lot and keep up with the latest news 24/7 so I said to myself "why not write about it?!"

I would catergorize myself as a Footy blogger. My blogs will consists of the latest news, recaping matches, goals, and maybe even making fun of a few footballers along the way. I love music as well so if I'm feeling a song I'll throw it up and let you Hubbers take a listen, maybe we'll have a common interest outside of Footy. Although this blog is primarily about Footy don't be surprised if you see some random niche articles popping up! I have a very open mind and will honestly blog about anything!

Thanks for checking out my HubPage and reading my bio, definitely Follow me on Twitter and send me a Tweet, I like to keep things personal and interact with all the Tweeps!

- Chris Altamirano

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