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All My Lenses: http://www.squidoo.com/chrisdays-lensography. I am also now on Amplify.com: http://chrisday.amplify.com/ Wishing you the very best of good health & fortune throughout 2011.

Thanks to all for the magnificent support and friendship I have received during my Squidoo experience.

I received a PURPLE STAR TROPHY on 28th December 2010 - This has overwhelmed me and I thank both the Squidoo Team and whoever nominated me for this honour.

PURPLE STAR! I can hardly believe that I have received a second Purple Star (11th January 2011). What an unbelievable start to the year. Thanks to everyone involved in this process.

PURPLE STAR! Amazing - A third Purple Star has just landed (25th March 2011). What a great pleasure it is when this happens. Thanks to everyone involved in this, whoever you are.

PURPLE STAR! Hiho! - A fourth Purple Star has just landed (28th March 2011). This prompts child-like pleasure in the recipient and is a lovely surprise, especially so soon after the last one. Squidhugs to those involved - you know who you are!

Lens of the Day - My lens: 'Grumpy Grammar' was done the honour of being made LOTD on 26th January 2011. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Lens number 99 published 13th March 2011I'm currently savouring the threshold of 100 and exercising my mind on the most worthy topic for lens number 100. Any helpful suggestions gratefully received!

I published Lens 100 on 22nd March 2011.

One landmark - I reached Level 42 on 30th December 2010! - Wasn't 'Level 42' an English pop rock and jazz-funk band in the 80s/90s? - moved on a bit since then.

Reached that magical 50 lenses on 15th January 2011 - funnily enough, it doesn't feel any different but I'm pleased to have made it.

Reached Level 80 late on 7th March 2011 so here I am on 8th March, recording level 80 and 80-something lenses. What is it with this number 8 message?

Christopher Day is a UK-based vet with 38 years of experience in equine, cattle and small animal mixed practice and holistic veterinary medicine. While centred in Oxfordshire, he travels the UK for all species. He has been variously described as holistic vet, homeopathic vet, acupuncture vet, herb vet (herbal vet), chiropractic vet, alternative vet or natural vet. He now runs a referral clinic in alternative medicine / natural medicine, The Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre at Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire, UK. www.alternativevet.org

Chris is a proponent of alternative medicine, natural medicine, holistic medicine, complementary medicine, natural feeding and chiropractic manipulation. He also promotes organic and biodynamic methods of farming and gardening.

He practises integrated or integrative medicine, coordinating different therapies into a cohesive therapeutic programme.

He has a special interest in back health and back problems (equine back pain, canine back pain, feline back pain etc.).

He has conducted clinical research and has written many books and articles on alternative and complementary medicine. He is Veterinary Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy. He has a blog; http://chris-day.blogware.com/blog

Apart from his passion about vetting and holistic medicine, Chris has a deep interest in food (vegetarian or vegan and eating it - Organic of course!), languages, books, geology (amateur rockologist), history, books, environment / ecology / biodiversity, classic cars e.g. Saab and Citro├źn (who said petrol-head?), European wine, biology, nutrition and living. Who knows, more lenses may follow, to reflect these interests.

Pet hates include flying, unbridled commercialism, corporate dishonesty and corruption, exploitation, injustice, centralisation, call centres, automated telephone answering services, disrespect, cruelty, animal experimentation (which incorporates many of these items), road rage and pseudoscience.

Chris is vegeterian and organic in eating habits and the garden, herb garden and smallholding are run on organic and biodynamic lines.The photo was taken in the herb garden, so is quite precious, despite being a bit out of date (more grey hair now!).

Chris has 'come of age' on 25th August 2010, having just finished publishing 21 lenses. The 'quarter-century' milestone followed soon after.

Landmark: Netted 1,000 visitors to my lenses for the first time on Thursday, 14th March 2011.
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