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Hello and welcome to my HubPages. I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I'm Chris Stanton and live in London, UK. I have been interested in musical instruments ever since I discovered my grandfather used to play mandolin banjo in a 1920s banjo orchestra. For some reason this captured my imagination and when my aunt gave me his banjo to look after I became hooked.

At the age of 18 I did a City and Guilds qualification in Musical Instrument Repair and Technology and went on to work for a church organ builder, a concertina maker and as a self employed guitar tech. And then about fifteen years ago I decided to leave all this behind and go back to full time education to study for a B.A. Honours Degree in Modern History.

These days I'm happily married with a family and have a 'normal' job but have been unable to shake off my interest in musical instruments, especially the fretted kind. And that brings us back to these HubPages! I thought I would combine this passion with my history degree and start writing for anyone interested in fretted instruments. I plan to write short and entertaining articles, mainly on their history and development. This will feed my obsession with fretted instruments and hopefully yours too.

Feedback and contributions are most welcome and my aim is to write one article a week. Thankyou for looking.

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