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christopheranton profile image

Christopher Antony Meade (christopheranton)

Joined 8 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom. Last activity 2 weeks ago.




Also follow me on:

Adolf Hitler, The Illuminati, Napoleon Bonaparte, Barack Obama, Noah in his Ark, and a whole host of other denizens of The Wikipedia Free Encyclopaedia. What do they all have in common?

Simple really. They are all some of the growing cast of characters who tremble at the mention of the name Christopher Antony Meade.

They have no secret that won’t be revealed, whether true or false. You be the judge.

I don’t believe in writing about safe subjects only.

If you want to find out the best way to make delicious carrot cake, you have come to the wrong place. But if you would enjoy reading about how the President of The United States is one quarter cat because his grandmother had an intimate encounter with a shape shifting feline, you can only find it out here.

David Icke is a pig, and I am not referring to his eating habits here. The evidence can be found in my HubPages.

You only have to read.

Find out how Osama Bin Laden's fixation with uniformed schoolgirls eventually leads to his destruction.

How do The Cheshire Cat, Larry the Downing Street cat and Barack Obama come to share a story with Queen Elizabeth II? The answer can be found here.

Also find out what Jesus’ Mother thought about his life and work. Did she like The Apostles? She writes about all of these things in some autobiographical snippets published, for the first time in this collection.

Jesus affirmed homosexual relationships. I detail the evidence.

If you enjoy reading good short stories, you have come to the right place. “The rotten granny” is but one of many. They are all enjoyable. At least I hope you find them to be.

I am a great lover of classical music. There are some articles about the great composers and some of their compositions as well.

Where possible I like to accompany my hubs with appropriate music from the great classical masters.

If you want to find out a bit about me, here is the customary biographical snippet.

The first part of my life was lived in Ireland, where I spent a lot of time falling off barstools, and my existence since 1986 has been principally in The UK in London. Recently I moved to the delightful town of Gillingham in the county of Kent. Nowadays I only manage to fall of park benches, as the global recession has made bars too expensive, besides I like a smoke with my drinks, and the "Health Fascists" have outlawed smoking in bars.

I live with my cat, who is all the company I usually need. Her conversation is limited to purrs and meows. That suits me, as so many people only talk rubbish.

My politics could be described as a mixture of extreme conservatism, but leavened with a devotion to fairness, and with a particular devotion to "Gay Rights"

I find the politics and personalities of all republican forms of government to be anathema.

If there were twenty presidents of The United States on one side of a room and the younger son of a minor German prince on the other, I would spend my time talking to the German. Much more interesting to me.

If I got a chance to slap someone in history, it would have to be Woodrow Wilson. He destroyed the Europe that I loved in 1918, and opened it to fascist dictators and communists.

So that is me, a curious and sometimes contradictory individual.

My main redeeming feature is a deep imagination, and a rather twisted sense of humour.

I hope you find all of that here.

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