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I have been interested in snakes and handling them since I was 14 and have since set out to learn all that I can about them and their venoms. I own two Ball Pythons (Python regius) at home and try to go out searching for snakes in the wild whenever I can.

I intend on beginning a PhD program in the next year or two in order to continue my snake venom research. I earned my Master of Science in Biology at the University of Northern Colorado in 2013 while studying under Dr. Stephen Mackessy, working with venomous snakes (in the lab and in the field) and researching their venoms. I've presented my research (in the form of Powerpoint presentations) at a few national conferences. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Ecology, and Biochemistry from Ball State University in 2008.

I periodically give several snake-related educational Powerpoint presentations at schools, state parks, and Science Museums to members of the public, state educators (full-time naturalists), and animal control personnel. I also possess an Indiana teaching license in high school Biology, Chemistry, and Math.

I have also spent two years teaching beginning and advanced-level Biology-related college lab courses (Biology 101, Advanced Human Physiology/Anatomy, Parasitology, Mammalogy, and Herpetology).

If you enjoy the articles I write and would like to support my efforts to create educational snake materials, then please consider becoming a patron of mine on Patreon:


Thank you!!

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