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Website: christymariekent.com Website: www.twincitiesfarmersmarkets.com Amazon author page: Christy Marie Kent on Amazon Google Page: Google Plus Born in Mississippi. Raised all over the south. My parents moved to another state every couple of years, yet, after every move, I found them again. I majored in philosophy for my bachelor's degree and in mathematics for my masterâs. I am a writer, storyteller, speaker, teacher, and insurance product manager. I enjoy writing and storytelling because I get to be creative and make crap upâsomething they frown on me doing in my day job analyzing insurance statistics and calculating indicated rate levels. That day job has moved me further and further north. Now I find myself living with my husband and two sons in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (donâtcha know), telling stories about the south to any audience that will listen. Be sure to catch my upcoming storytelling performances and other appearances around the Twin Cities. If you are not in Minnesota, then bow your head and give thanks for being warmer than me, and go to my web site at christymariekent.com to sign up for email updates. Youâll get periodic news on recent publications and the characters from Quacker Holler, Tennessee.

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  • The Secret to Perfect Pecan Pie

    The Secret to Perfect Pecan Pie

    8 months ago

    Out back of my grandmother's house in Lumpkin, Georgia, towered a grand old pecan tree. Whenever we visited in the fall, we would collect a grocery sack full of pecans, and Granddaddy would shell them while he watched...

  • How to Properly Cook Southern Cornbread

    How to Properly Cook Southern Cornbread

    8 months ago

    Tips and pointers for perfecting your methods: Learn how to bake moist, delicious cornbread every time.

  • Kudzu: The vine that ate the south

    Kudzu: The vine that ate the south

    8 months ago

    It's a way to pass the time on steamy, languid summer days: Taking pictures of the kudzu, demon vine, foot-a-day vine, the vine that ate the south. Seven million acres swallowed whole, taking in another hundred thousand...