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Hi, you're welcome to this hubpage!

Hope you like the alien spaceship in profile - a bit of humour will go a long way! Maybe they will come for...ooh! Okay then, I'll just create HubPages in space...

There's something very compelling about being a member of this writing community - it shows us that connections are important, even in a writing community.

As a writer of children's fantasy and adventure stories situated in Cork city, with characters drawn from the streets near Shandon - an historic section of the city - for 9-13 year olds and a series of animal stories for 5-8 year olds, I've had a great opportunity to explore some writing ability.

Going out to schools and getting feedback on these books, is the best incentive I have to keep going. The children's comments can be quite stringent and revealing, but I remain in the process.

2012 was the year of commemorating the 200th anniversary of Charles Dicken's birth. during the summer of 2012 I spent time in the library researching information on his life and books to prepare some extracts in dramatised form for schools who visited the libraries later on in the year and acted out several characters in some of the most famous stories. That's one of the reasons I ahven't been contributing to HubPages recently!

2013 is the year of remembering the Lock-Out of Workers in Dublin by their employers in 1913, so trying to read up on that and prepare some items for children to join in from a creative writing and drama perspective! Another way to look at history and make it interesting is the aim.

There are many great hubbers on hubpages and it's always a pleasure and a revelation to visit their hubs. You will learn a lot from their pages, so visit them often and vote them up. Have a good life and be happy for it.

Thanks for visiting.

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