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Clayton Fernandes profile image

Clayton (Clayton Fernandes)

Joined 6 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Also follow me on:

I'm a Gamer at heart & i love reading books, I learn new things everyday and more importantly i like to share those experiences. If you're here at my profile page, then honestly drop a message, i'm always ready to engage in good conversation about everything and anything under the sun.

I read tons of books and i'm slowly on the way to aquiring my own library of books, that would make a university library look pale in comparison. I love planes and i can almost fly one, though i've never sat in a cockpit before. I have a lot of nicknames, Foo chum bum, happens to be one of them, and its got history behind it. If you really would like to know why?, i'll kindly respond to a message sent (tee hee).

I'm that person that knows everything about a bicycle, the physics and logic behind it, exactly how it functions. Though when i go to sit on one, i instantly fall off. Hence I've learnt to put my heart into everything, where even logic fails. Its always easy & simple to give in to temptations and bad thoughts, thats why I try and do the right thing ALWAYS, cause its more challenging. I laugh in the face of evil by the way. Does that make any Logic?. (yes i can ride a bike ok!, hands free)


I still cannot for the life of me, pronounce the word 'queer' makes my tongue do weird things. My closest friends are also like family. For I believe sometimes, bond is stronger than blood and we're seen & done alot together, growing up.

I can be anything you want me to be, which also helps me contradict myself when i'm talking in the shower, though i'm not a hypocrit. I understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is something i've aquired through tough decisions, trials and tribulations. and all sorts of experiences i've gone through. Knowledge only seals the deal, and has made me faster, stronger and much better as a person.

I rarely follow my own advice. I am able to save everyone except myself in the same situation, it makes no logic. I still make paper planes. I'm an astronomy nut, i surf the stars as much as i can. I intend to share all that i know and experience and experienced further still here on hubpages with a wonderful community of fellow hubbers. I will take you on a journey, I will show you what its like to cross borders, i will shatter your belief system, i will shoot you so far out into space that you'll probably never want to come back. I get into trouble alot (gracefully), i'm one of those people, your mother warns you about, and yet everyones parents and elder folk love me,(no, i'm not in the shower contradicting myself at the moment). I also will be the next Tony Stark!.

I'm an open book for everyone to read, I can get on your level easily without you knowing. Step into my world, or atleast my hubs, I'm going to show you a world of fun and facts!. Thank you for the patience, its the small things that matter. I wish you all the best of luck in all endeavors

Have you ever known how victory feels, Unless you've felt defeat? - Staple.

Clayton Tyrell Fernandes

(If you landed up here on my profile, i'm hoping you'll like my garbage. Why not join the Hubpages community. Sign up here for a free account and earn some cash, by simply letting your imagination fly, doing what internet junkies and creative writers do best, sharing, interacting, learning, etc. Your stay is worthwhile)

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    Enochian, Celestial Speech or Also known as, 'The Language of Angels'.

    2 years ago

    A divine race of beings did once exist amongst humankind. In fact they left many clues and secrets that shaped humanity. Ever wonder where we learned mathematics or the art of medicine?. Most of all it is their language 'Adamical', 'Angelical' or commonly known today as 'Enochian' that captivates...

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    Worst Germ Infested Places you may not realize!

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    What do you really know about germs?. What you do in your daily life can affect your personal health overtime. Some common factors and the places germs accumulate. An educational trip into the world of germs, bacteria, illnesses and ailments. Tips and advice on how to combat germs simple yet...