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Hi there! I'm Doctor James and I should probably tell you right from the get go that I've created a lensography lens that likely tells you anything you would ever want to know about me. It will explain why I'm not a "real" Doctor, why I have that ridiculously long Squidoo username and a bunch more boring details about yours truly. You can check that lensography out right HERE. For the shorter version I'm a single father, Doctor of Chiropractic and I operate several websites related to Chiropractic art, patient education and Chiropractic marketing. I originally joined Squidoo with the intent of promoting my websites and Chiropractic. I also liked the idea of earning a few extra dollars here and there to cover webhosting and domain registration fees. I quickly become hooked on writing lenses and then Squidoo went and upped the ante with their points and trophy system. That just sealed the deal for me and I was officially hooked on Squidoo. I now enjoy writing about geeky gifts, gadgets, parenting and more. I truly enjoying taking life experiences and things I learn in daily life and creating Squidoo lenses to share with the community. As a result you'll see me writing about a wide variety of topics. For those interested my original bio contained information about my Chiropractic websites: ChiropracticArt.com and ClinicallySignificantProductions.com. We are ClinicallySignificantProductions.com, a small company with a BIG URL! We specialize in offering affordable chiropractic patient education products, spinal decompresion patient education and marketing, hand painted chiropractic art, and more! We pride ourselves on offering quality products at prices which are a fraction of industry standards. Here is the short version of the long story of our creation. I am the founder of ClinicallySignificantProductions.com, Dr. James. After I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic I opened my own practice which took every penny I had saved. When I began to shop for products to educate patients I quickly became DISGUSTED at the ridiculous prices being charged! One DVD for $200? $250 for a PowerPoint presentation!? THOUSANDS of dollars for a spinal decompressoin marketing kit? I decided in most cases I could make my own PowerPoints and DVDs and save a ton of money in the process. That's exactly what I did. The products I created were so effective I began to offer them to colleagues with the goal of making them affordable for ANY doctor's budget. We even offer our products at significant discounts on ebay on a regular basis. Our Chiropractic patient education resources include Chiropractic PowerPoint presentations, chiropractic waiting room dvds and consult dvds, and even affordable chiropractic art! We also offer personalized spinal decompression marketing kits, spinal decompression "mini" marketing kits, spinal decompression waiting room DVDs and PowerPoint Presentations. We also offer several options for those doctors and clinics who wish to educate patients about cold laser therapy. We have a catalog which is constantly expanding. Although we cater to Doctors of Chiropractic,we actually have formed relationships with many doctors, physical therapists, dentists, and even vets!

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