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I have been a nature lover my whole life. Barefoot is best. I would rather be out, than in.

My love of nature led me down the path to herbs and herbal healing. I became a Medical Herbalist in 2002. My greatest class was when I got to be included into a seminar led by European herbalist and author Juliette de Bairacli Levy, mother of modern herbal medicine.

I went on to study nutrition, and the healing benefits of Bach Flower remedies.

I have written several articles over the years for newspapers, magazines and online health sites. I am working on my first book on herbal healing.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Want to learn more about us. You can read more about our life here at Cloverleaf Farm by reading our blog www.cloverleaffarmblog.com. Fun poems, herbal articles, days on the farm, animals on the farm, and so much more.

For more articles on herbal healing visit our herbal healing encyclopedia www.cloverleaffarmherbs.com. Packed with all things natural, herbs, and herbal remedies

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      • Using Proper English

        Using Proper English

        5 years ago

        It bothers me to see hubs with improper titles. By this, I mean a title such as " How to run a campaign", or "How to paint a table".Does anyone else see the problem here? Yes, you guessed it. The...

      • Where are the earnings for May 31st?

        Where are the earnings for May 31st?

        5 years ago

        I went into to check on my earnings, and there is no "pending" earnings for May 31. Do they not realize May has 31 days? It may not be much, but I want my earnings for yesterday.

      • FYOM


        5 years ago

        I wish hubbers would stop taking hub ideas from other hubbers. There is enough topics in the world to write about without taking others ideas. Even if you write the article differently, in my mind, you are like a...

      • Where's My 10,000 Accolade?

        Where's My 10,000 Accolade?

        5 years ago

        I have reached 10,000 views, and still have not gotten the accolade for it. It has been well over 24 hours. Just how long does it take? I worked hard for it!

      • Victoria Hub Marked???

        Victoria Hub Marked???

        5 years ago

        Just noticed that my hub on Queen Victoria has been marked as "unrelated links or products. All the links, and the products are connected to the article, so I don't...

      • Hit 10,000 !

        Hit 10,000 !

        5 years ago

        Just found that I have been read over 10,000 times. Waiting with frenzied anticipation for the accolade!

      • Earnings Not Updated for Two Days?

        Earnings Not Updated for Two Days?

        5 years ago

        It seems that earnings have not update for two days. While the 16th says it is "pending", there is nothing marked for the 17th. What is going on, and why can't someone from HP tell us about it?