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I spend most of my days happily writing, editing, and marketing for various Internet sites that I'm involved with. The oldest site and the one that is closest to my heart is College Athletic Scholarship where we show high school athletes how to get a college sports scholarship. While I enjoy writing about almost anything, I typically write about topics that are triggered by my everyday life.

As examples, when I got hooked on geocaching,we started a site about the Best GPS For Geocaching, and when I had open heart surgery, we started a blog about Heart Valve Surgery, and then when my friend's father got cracked mouth corners, we started a blog about Angular Cheilitis. Oh yes, when we had a spate of prank calls a while back, we started one about Whose Phone Number Is This. It makes it much more interesting when you can write about things that are happening in your life.

My Blogs Are * Commercial Insurance Center, How To Get Him Back After A Breakup, Loans For The Unemployed, Sunburn Treatment Center,

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