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CM Sullivan

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    Where We Belong

    4 years ago

    A short poem dealing with relationships, commitment, and yearning emotions.

  • The Battle Against Writer's Block

    The Battle Against Writer's Block

    10 years ago

    This is no article on how to get over writer's block. In fact, it is a short story of sorts about losing to it. This is a little window into my mind when I would think of battling writer's block.

  • 11

    The Three Worst Girlfriends I Ever Had

    8 months ago

    We have all been in a relationship we should have bailed out of immediately. There is always that person you wish you never met.

  • Best Served Cold.

    Best Served Cold.

    10 years ago

    Some people do not take being humbled with humility. Some people swallow their pride and anger only to serve it back many years later, ice cold. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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    The Lone Viking Warrior on Stamford Bridge.

    7 years ago

    The fateful Battle of Stamford bridge between King Harold Godwinson of England and King Harald Hardrada of Norway, which precipitated the Battle of Hastings in 1066. One solitary viking warrior stood on a bridge and killed 40 Saxons by himself.

  • At The End of the Road

    At The End of the Road

    11 years ago

    Everyone knows something which scares them. Sometimes it is something that elicits only a small stab of fear in the belly. Sometimes it is someting which terrifies them such as death.

  • 11


    19 months ago

    What happens when you die? I have been dead and seen what life should not be about. Not a story about the afterlife, but a story about life.

  • Remote


    10 years ago

    We all have had that one relationship that was almost too passionate, too grounded in the physical and superficial feelings while you keep deep emotions locked away safely inside....

  • Wasted Youth (part 1)

    Wasted Youth (part 1)

    10 years ago

    Everyone has a story of their life, of their youth. Here is a story of two girls, Claire and Presley, and a boy Jimmy, three kids and the beginning of a journey traveling and train hopping which will change each of them forever.

  • Outer Reflection

    Outer Reflection

    11 years ago

    Sometimes you can become so centered on yourself, you don't see the pain inside someone close to you.

  • Impetus


    10 years ago

    The ebb and flow of a drunken party, the shallow, frivolous emotions, and absence of accountability that results.

  • Eyes.


    10 years ago

    How fine is the line between fantasy and reality? What happens when that line snaps...


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