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CoachBriany, AKA Brian Monahan is dedicated to sharing his inspirations and ideas with the world. Brian recently launched "Launch to Freedom" a small business coaching firm focused on the emerging entrepreneur. Brian's passion is helping small business owners reach their tipping point for success in life and business. His past creations include a personal coaching business "Ideal Life Coaching" and idea community "IdeaManiac.com". He is passionate about sharing his ideas about personal greatness including topics on personal development, marketing, creativity, ideation, audio visual/meeting planning as well as running. Brian's Current Projects Include: -April 9th Scholarship Fund (Matt Maupin/Cincinnati Fallen Heroes Fund) -Member Meeting Planners International (Ohio) -Author of numerous blogs www.expertintherough.com

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  • Marine Bootcamp: The Real Deal

    Marine Bootcamp: The Real Deal

    13 months ago

    Jack Nicholson plays a great Marine Corps officer but movies like "A Few Good Men" and "Full Metal Jacket" often lead to misconceptions about The Corps.  As an honorably discharged and proud Marine I would like to set...