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Coach_Pickles profile image

Dr Brad Kayden (Coach_Pickles)

Joined 10 years ago from Atlanta, GA / Chicago, IL




Also follow me on:

Standing in long lines. Waiting and more waiting. Bored. Parents apologizing to coaches for their child's poor behavior. Coaches blaming themselves and the children for sports' poor outcomes. This is the all too common scene in children's (birth to age 5) early learning sports programs.

After watching too many young children suffer the "tragedy" of sports' unaccomodating and unforgiving ways, I decided to step up and make the change sports has long needed. Through research, redefinition and redesign of the practice of coaching early learners, I came up with the Jelly Bean Way. It is the foundation upon which my "voice" for early learning in sports tips, strategies, techniques and other advice is based.


Upon exiting the military in 2003, I went to the University of Oklahoma - Norman to complete my Masters in Human Relations. In 2005, I relocated to Chicago where I began my Educational Doctorate program at Argosy University, graduating in 2011. I went to school full-time and worked part-time at several jobs. In 2006, I began working as a youth sports instructor in parks and recreation. I did this for several years and loved it.

Towards the end of my time with parks and recreation, I had trouble seeing and leading the change my education had taught me to be catalyst for. I knew sports for early learners was broken and everyday I was trying to contribute more and more to fixing it. It required more resource, something parks and recreation, at the time at least, wasn't focused on and did not find a need in providing.

The process taught me that sometimes the change we seek is ahead of its time. It will not always be supported by or be given the assistance from those we most expect. Discouraging as it might feel, it is the perfect opportunity to lead change. Toughest might be knowing that you will feel like you are on an island by yourself. It takes courage and instestinal fortitude to lead new ideas. And as I learned, although it would be nice, we can't expect others to always be supportive at first.

In 2009, I founded Coach Pickles' Jelly Bean Sports, an early learning production, instruction and research company. For over a decade now I have worked exclusively with early learners, ages 18 months to 7 years. The initial teaching practices that I created through trial and error in the vain of children's entertainment giants like Sesame Street and the Wiggles would also compliment me in my educational endeavors. My early practice became the cornerstone for my groundbreaking research on early learning in sports. And the instructional services we provide that you will see in many of the videos I share here are from our park district partners. Finally, I was able to see the world I imagined, working where I began, but within my own framework and one (i.e. park districts) that do a great job at promoting programs like ours.

Today, Coach Pickles' Jelly Bean Sports is the next Sesame Street but for sports. Our sports kept simple, learning made fun early learning content is revolutionizing the way young children are introduced to sports. In these hubs, I share with you our animation, sports language and many of the effective ways I have broken down the coaching of sports skills.

By redefining sports into their lowest common denominator, I have created new classroom-proven activities that are easy to teach. Instead of changing young children to fit sports, the Jelly Bean Way is to change sports to fit children. We have done an excellent job of retooling sports. Through the use of kid-friendly training aids, engagement strategies, humor, story, parent integration and classroom logistics, early learning in sports has been brought to life better than ever before. Concentrating on young children's fundamental movements that are the base camp for more advanced motor skill development, we are helping young children grow in their confidence and climb higher on the mountain in their movements towards the advanced motor skills they will need for later athletic success.

Better known as Coach Pickles, I run this blog via Hubpages because it gives me a good dashboard to measure the effectiveness of my blogs and provides me with built-in editing that insures that I am providing the highest quality content.

I currently live and work between Atlanta and Chicago. I am open to considering partnerships and collaborations. Don't be afraid to reach out.

Thanks for reading a little more about me. Please feel free to leave your comments, I love feedback. Have a great day and much success in your early learning sports endeavors. Ciao!

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