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Ahhh me...nothing really fancy, I just love to write.

Worked as a copywriter for one of the Philippine's leading tv networks for its international cable channel in the Corporate Product and Promotions Department. Whoa! one might say but actually I have no clear career path. I move where my passion calls me so if anyone really bothers to look at my curriculum vitae, it'll really be a tad frustrating. I write for people, about people, for products, about products, for events, about events, for places, about places...as long as it catches my attention and it needed attention. I am stubbornly redudant like this.

My writings are as scattered as the dust on a windy day. Love letters that I write for friends to express their emotions while I am heartbroken, pumped up resumes for people who badly needed to be employed, business letters and proposals for that so and so company, journals that I guard as a rottweiler would her puppies and the list goes on. All the other work that I have accumulated through the years that others call as day jobs, are just that, a job. However! I like listening to stories and that requires a great deal of working with people, I like observing things, both in their natural and unnatural state which requires a little research, I like watching sunsets, mountains, clouds so that made me want to go places.

All that being said, I really do my best to write pieces that matters. Happy reading!

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