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Two Kingdoms are soliciting our loyalty and fidelity. The Kingdom of Light (the Spiritual world), under the rule of God (The Father or Source -PSALM 19: 1), and the Kingdom of darkness (this Material world), now ruled by satan (the devil -LUKE 4: 5-6).

Both Kingdoms have a place of entry called birth. Through natural birth we don't have a choice. All of humanity is naturally born into the Kingdom of darkness (satan's or the devil's material kingdom). But Spiritual birth (the New Birth or being Born Again), is the entry point to the Kingdom of Light (the Spiritual Kingdom of God) and here entering in, we do have a choice -JOHN 3: 3.


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  • The Original Judean People

    The Original Judean People

    8 years ago

    Many today who claim Yehudi (Judean) national roots, claim Jacob's (Israel's) 4th son Yehudah (Judah) -GENESIS 29: 35; as the father of the Yehudim (Judeans). They say "The word Yehudi (Judean) comes from Yehudah...

  • Origin Of The Name Jehovah And Yahweh

    Origin Of The Name Jehovah And Yahweh

    8 years ago

    Heh Waw Heh Yodh In most English Bible versions of today, the epithet "YAHWEH" or "JEHOVAH" is used as a Biblical Proper Name for the God of the Bible. Why do some Bible versions have written "JEHOVAH", while others...

  • God Can Bring You Out!

    God Can Bring You Out!

    8 years ago

    Please let me first start out by saying that many times in life we struggle with our past and fail to walk in our potential future. Let me make a deep statement up in here today! People, believe it or not, your past...