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I'm Corinne M Westphal. I'm a professional writer, editor and blogger, aspiring author, and farm-girl-in-training. My husband and I recently moved to our farm in rural South Africa and are (at the same time) loving and struggling with a major life shift from city slickers to country folk.

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  • When to End a Friendship

    When to End a Friendship

    6 years ago

    Friends. They're "like diamonds, precious and rare," "good as gold." And, increasingly difficult to come by. And, they're forever, right? So we should do everything possible to keep all the friendships we have, right? ...

  • Top Ten Misused Phrases

    Top Ten Misused Phrases

    7 years ago

    They're called malapropisms, Dogberryisms, acyrologia or eggcorns. But, these misused and mangled phrases by any other name just make the user look foolish at best, but more likely, stoopid! Expect at least a snicker if...