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My Plan for Peace

There are a number of things I must do to make my own life more peaceful and to make the world more peaceful. The first is to love. I must love myself and I must love others, and treat others as I would want to be treated. That has been said by a number of spiritual and political leaders, including Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. I must love myself first because if I don’t love myself then I wont be able to love anyone else, and no one will love me either. Loving myself requires loving every part of myself, my faults as well as my strengths, because they make me who I am, and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. Once I love myself then I can love others. Loving others means loving everyone else in the world, my enemies as well as my friends. Especially my enemies, because if I don’t love my enemies then I will not be a loving person. I can be at war, peaceful or otherwise but preferably peaceful, with my enemies without being a war-like, hateful person. In fact, it is more effective to love your enemies when you are at war with them. For example, Medieval Arabian emperor Saladin was able to defeat the crusaders because he treated everyone in his kingdom very well, even prisoners of war, without regard to their religion or ethnicity.

The second thing I need to create in myself and in the world is freedom. By freedom I don’t mean the kind that governments may or may not allow their citizens to have, but rather the kind that people have to achieve for themselves. I can only free myself when I believe in myself, and love myself. Once I realize my own self-worth I realize than I must actualize myself, be the person who I believe I really am. Because our society is based on hatred and violence, I can only do that by putting myself in opposition to it. I realize the need to create a society that is based on love and freedom. That is how I begin to spread freedom in the world, by loving other people and helping them to be free.

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