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Welcome to cosplaycentric!

It all started a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... or rather, Boston, Massachusetts in 2003. But needless to say, that was over a decade ago (and time sure flies). That is where cosplaycentric first started, where I first started - in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel at the very first Anime Boston, without even knowing it yet.

Cosplay had finally come to Boston in full force. Between the Cat Girls, Inuyasha, and Pocky, was the passion that goes into picking, creating, sewing, beading, casting, fitting, dressing, and acting out a specific character from Japanese Anime and Manga. The dedication that goes into making these costumes becomes a way of life; bonds are made between new people, fans become closer to their fandom, and a culture is born. This blog is what that passion is all about.

Cosplaycentric is a place for the cosplayers, young and old, green or experienced. This blog is also for those who may not know the culture behind the craft. It is more than just the anime or manga; cosplaycentric includes everything that encompasses the cosplay culture.

At least, for me, it is the culmination of eleven years in the cosplay community, learning Japanese culture, creating bonds, creating art, and sometimes just for pure fun.

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