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I am pretty sure I am going through a mid-life crisis here. I am about to take a buyout from my autoworker job of 13 years and attempt to work and earn money from home. I can't tell you how sick of the rat race I am but I am sure you have an inkling of that.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1971 and pretty much grew up in Southfield, Michigan and graduated high school there in 1989. I then joined the US Marine Corp right after high school and served 4 years with an honorable discharge. I am also a Desert Storm vet. When I got out i worked many odd jobs but eventually got a job with one of the Big Three Auto Companies. I also became involved with the electronic dance music scene in Detroit. I bought some music equipment and started producing my own techno music. In 1996 I finally decided to start my own record label called " Seismic Records Detroit " and it was a hit all over the World right off the bat. It was not long before i also started to spin vinyl records and dj at some of the biggest events and parties in the Midwest. I have recently disbanded the " Seismic " label and started a new one called " Cozmic Spore Records " this year. For more info on me and my music please visit these sites....





When you go to the discogs site, please type in " Cozmic Spore " in their search engine and my discography will appear.

So starts a new chapter in my life and I hope I can make all my goals come true. Thanks for reading. Bye

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  • I am the Buick Grand National: Hear me Roar

    I am the Buick Grand National: Hear me Roar

    8 years ago

    Circa 1987:I can remember driving to lunch during my high school lunch break with my friends packed in my piece of rice-burning crap Toyota Corolla hatchback and seeing this punk ass rich kid that went to my school...